How To Watch 79th Annual Golden Globe Awards Online Live

Golden Globe Awards 2022 Stream Live// LIVE NBC Tv

So many things have happened in 2021, it feels great knowing that 2021 is coming to an end in a month. The coming New Year 2022 promises the beginning of the awards season, including the biggest of them all “The Golden Globes”. The golden globe awards nominations have been announced; and actors, actresses, producers, and directors all are excited about their nominations. Whereas, the showbiz geeks are eagerly waiting to watch the event while bombarding the internet with questions about how they can watch the event online.

Watch 79th Annual Golden Globes Awards Online Live

The golden globe awards 2022 is all set to be aired on Sunday, January 9, 2022. The venue for the event will be the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hill, U.S. IT will be hosted by Seth Meyers and its official broadcaster will be NBC. The annual Golden Globes is going to be much more glamorous and exciting, to say the least. Our favorite stars will look more glamorous than the previous years, and viewers will be up on their feet to see their stars win the awards.

The event will be live on only one channel and that is NBC, which wouldn’t be streamed live. But there are ways you can watch the awards online.

Event Details:

Event: 79th Golden Globe Awards
Golden Globe Awards Date: Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022
Time: 5:00 P.M. PST
Location: The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Host: Snoop Dog
Official Broadcaster: NBC
Stream Golden Globes Live Online
Since NBC is the official broadcaster of the golden globes award, they are also broadcasting the event online. To watch it, you will have to first create an NBC TV account to be able to watch the Golden Globe Awards 2022 and also access other NBC programs.

What if the NBC channel is restricted in your region? Well, that’s a good question. In order to watch the golden globes ceremony with absolute convenience, you must have a cable TV subscription. It is because NBC requires your cable service provider’s address.

However, NBC is only accessible in some countries, meaning that many people will have to deal with streaming the event online. Thousands of people are going to watch the show at Beverly Hills, and those who can’t make it there are desperately searching for ways to watch the grand show online. Many online channels will be streaming the awards on 9th of Jan, but since NBC is the official broadcaster, they will provide the best quality live streaming. And in order to access NBC, you will need to bypass the geo-restrictions and unblock their website to watch the golden globes ceremony live with a total HD experience.

A basic procedure to access NBC using a VPN will be:
Subscribe to a top VPN service.
Configure their VPN app on your device or PC.
Open your VPN app and look for server location and change it to the desired location from where you want to access NBC programs.
Open the NBC website and search for the Golden Globe Awards live streaming.
Watch the whole event live in an HD-quality picture.
That’s it! You have successfully set up a VPN on your device and can now access NBC and watch the Golden Globes live or watch other NBC programs live.

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From Where to Stream Golden Globes Online
As I mentioned, NBC is the official broadcaster, there are other online channels as well broadcasting the event live. You can choose any online channel and watch the awards live on your devices. But if you want to watch it online on the NBC website, you will have to get a VPN first, then you will be able to watch it live on NBC.

Timings – When to Watch Golden Globes Online
The official live stream of the event will begin at 05:00 PM PST. Convert it to your local time, so that you can be ready for the event. If you want to know more or if you want to live stream the Red Carpet before the event, visit the NBC website to do all that.

NBC Won’t Let You Watch the Show Outside of the US
NBC has been the official broadcaster for the event for many years now. They have exclusive rights, which means that it may online be available for live streaming to US citizens only. So if you live in the US and have an American cable TV subscription, you will be able to watch the event live without any problems. But if you don’t, geo-restrictions will prevent you from accessing the NBC website abroad.

Even if you are able to bypass the geo-restrictions, you will still require an American cable operator, since NBC requests for information on your cable service providers to grant you access. That’s too much to do for a 3-hour event.

But, there is another way of accessing NBC and other online channels regardless of where you live. For that, all you will need is a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

Watch the Golden Globes with VPN
The best thing about a VPN is that it opens the whole internet to you in a way that other technologies cannot. And this is only a fraction of what VPN can do.

It can help you to access websites and channels that are blocked, relocating your location to that of the required region. Thus, come the 9th of January, you will be able to watch the awards live directly.

There is more than just global accessibility when we consider a reliable VPN service. A good VPN service will offer you internet censorship, anonymity, protection as well as total internet freedom in one package.

Video streaming is a very complicated process. And when we talk about live video streaming, you not only need fast internet, you also need a fast and reliable Kodi VPN that provides strong encryption and a variety of location servers.

How To Watch Golden Globes On Apple TV
For those who prefer to watch Golden Globes on Apple TV or Smart TV because of the picture size, quality, and live experience they bring, you guys can still watch the event on your Televisions. How? Through VPN. Whether you have a Smart TV or Apple TV, if it’s connected to a router, then you can configure your VPN on your televisions through the router. It will allow you to download and access apps and online channels, and heck, you will be able to watch the grand event as well.

To configure your Apple TV with a VPN:
Subscribe to a VPN service.
Configure the VPN on Apple TV through your router by opening the VPN app on your Apple TV and
Go to VPN configurations and your server location to “USA VPN“
Go to the NBC website and then to Golden Globes live stream.
Now you can watch the event live on your Apple TV.
How to Watch Golden Globes Live On Xbox One
Have an Xbox One but no Apple TV or Smart TV? Don’t worry because you can still watch the event live with your Xbox. It’s really easy to watch the event on your Xbox One. With an Xbox, you can watch the event in buffer-free live streaming with HD quality.

Here is how you can watch the event on your Xbox One:
Sign up for a fast VPN service.
Install the VPN software on your Xbox One.
Launch the VPN app and go to VPN settings. There, change your server location to “USA”. (This will give you access to a fast USA server with which you can stream golden globes online easily).
Open NBC website and then go to Golden Globes live to stream, and That’s it.
How To Watch Golden Globes Live On PS4
Just like Xbox users, PS4 users are not going to be let down this time. Now you all can be a part of this amazing event. Watching the Golden Globes on your PS4 would definitely be a lot more exciting. All you need to do is to:

Get a reliable VPN service
Connect your PS4 to your internet router and then configure the VPN app on your PS4.
Launch the VPN app. Go to VPN settings, and change the server location to “USA”.
Browse the NBC website and their lookout for Golden Globes live streaming, and That’s it, you are good to go!
How To Watch Golden Globes On Roku
Great news for Roku users! You can also stream golden globes online on your Roku device while relaxing on your TV lounge sofas. So, do you want to watch the biggest television event on your Roku device? Here is how you can it with ultimate ease:

Get a VPN subscription
Install its app on your Roku device through a router.
Open your VPN app, go to its settings and look out for a tab that says server location. Pick “USA” as your desired server location.
Now open the NBC website or other channels that are steaming the event live. Search for Golden Globes live streaming and that’s all.
Hit the play button.
Golden Globe Nominations 2022
The nominations, as usual, comprise of 25 golden globes categories from both Movies and Television industry that will contain 5 nominations. The nominations are already announced and broadcast live by Alfre Woodard, Kristen Bell, Sharon Stones, and Garrett Hedlund on 11th December. Like always, the final golden globe award list was full of surprises. The highly anticipated war film “Dunkirk” made it to the best picture category, whereas in the comedy category “The Disaster Artist” also made the list. Movies like “The Shape of Water”, “The Post”, and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” had the most nominations. Here is the complete list of the 76th Golden Globe Awards Nominations for both the Film and Television industry.

The complete list of Golden Globe Award Nominations from the Film Industry.
The complete list of Golden Globe Award Nominations from the Television Industry.Best VPN For Best Live Streaming ExperienceThe fact that you will most definitely need a VPN if you live outside the US and cannot access NBC. FastestVPN can be a great choice for you. With FastestVPN, you will get the buffer-free live streaming experience of the Golden Globe Awards on your devices with crisp HD picture and total internet freedom.

So what else do you want? Subscribe to FastestVPN, and watch your favorite shows without any worries. Conclusion So, here is how you can watch the biggest television event in the world without any extra efforts. All you need is an internet and a VPN. We all want to see our favorite movies and superstars shine at the gala, but let’s be honest, whoever wins, we are sure to be experiencing one of the best nights in television history. So until the event day, let’s hope that the 76th Golden Globes live up to the expectations of everyone.

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